mica_pictureI am a PhD candidate in Economics at Columbia University. I will be joining Princeton’s Economics department in the fall.

E-mail: mms2241@columbia.edu

My research interests are labor and development economics, with a focus on crime, gender and political economy. One strand of my research explores how local labor market conditions during childhood affect investment in industry-specific human capital, generating long-term consequences during adulthood. In particular, in my job market paper, I focus on the development of criminal skills  in illegal labor markets in Peru. I study how exposure to illegal industries during childhood leads to the development of criminal capital, increasing the probability of incarceration and reducing trust in state institutions later in life. I also study how policies that target parents taking into account location-specific factors can reduce the development of criminal careers and persistence of illegal markets in developing countries. In addition to my dissertation research, I have ongoing collaborative research projects in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Chile, and the US.