Working Papers

Making a Narco: Childhood Exposure to Illegal Labor Markets and Criminal Life Paths (submitted)

Media: Marginal Revolution,  VoxDev,  World Bank, Diario Gestion 

Female Officers, Gender Violence and Children: Evidence from Women Justice Centers in Peru  joint with  Guadalupe E. Kavanaugh and Iva Trako (submitted)

Media: El Comercio

Making a Gang: Exporting US Criminal Capital to El Salvador (new draft soon)

Media: Crisis Group Report , Washington Post

Gangs, State Capacity, and Development joint with Nikita Melnikov and Carlos Schmidt-Padilla (draft available upon request)

The Effects of Adult Entertainment Establishments on Sex Crime: Evidence from New York City  joint with Riccardo Ciacci. (Revised and resubmit Economic Journal)

Media: Marginal Revolution 

Long-term Effects of Temporary Labor Demand: Free Trade Zones, Female Education and Marriage Market Outcomes in the Dominican Republic  

Bright Minds, Big Rent: Gentrification and the Rising Returns to Skill  joint with Lena Edlund and Cecilia Machado. NBER Working Paper w21729, November 16, 2015. 

Media: The Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Chicago Tribune, Bloomberg View, and The Huffington Post

Are Refugees a Burden? Impacts of Refugee Inflows on Host’s Consumption Expenditures  joint with  Sandra Rozo. (submitted)


US Criminal Deportations and Human Capital in Central America  American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, forthcoming

Auspicious Birth Dates Among Chinese in California  joint with Douglas Almond, Christine Pal Chee and Nan Zhong.  Economics and Human Biology, July 2015.

Work in progress

Mass Imprisonment and the Expansion of Gangs  joint with Felipe Goncalves and Carlos Schmidt-Padilla

Violent Crime, Criminal Networks and the Incarceration of Gang Leaders  joint with Felipe Goncalves and Carlos Schmidt-Padilla